7 Big Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ever Leave Water Damage Untreated

From time to time, we find ourselves in situations with customers who’ve water damage that has been lingering a considerable amount of time but it has been left completely untreated because it had been presumed that it wasn’t a big deal. A very common misconception that lots of homeowners and business owners have is water will simply just dry up. We are here to tell you any quantity of water left untreated could lead to or cause extreme damage to your house or business.

Here’s what happens when you leave water damage :

Your Property Value Decreases
If your house has any sign of water damage, it is going to show itself to any appraiser even if you attempt to paint to cover the blot.

Structural Damage
Structural damage occurs depending on just how much water is surrounding the affected region. The drywall can start to deteriorate and the subfloor can quickly warp or perhaps split. You will wind up needing to replace and restore the affected areas.

Mold is the last thing which you need living in your home or business. Any presence of water may cause mold expansion and it can grow as rapidly as 48 hours. When the mold is within the house, it can be very hard and costly to deal with and remove. Furthermore, if left untreated the mold can spread and be dangerous to your health and can lead to respiratory difficulties.

Electrical Damage
If electric systems are damaged the wiring, outlets, and electrical boxes become unsafe to work with until a professional has inspected the machine. Electrical damage can happen to your kitchen appliances, washing machines, heaters, hot water tanks, furnaces, and electric outlets.

Health Hazards
If not treated correctly, toxins will linger on your affected furniture long after the water has dried. The bacteria and other microbes can cause respiratory issues among other health issues.

Lost Personal Items
If you do not use a professional water extraction and restoration service when the water damage first occurs, the water will totally ruin all of your personal items such as, photographs, books, electronics, private documents, among other products. But if you behave about the water damage, we could save and restore your personal items.

Inviting Bugs to Your Home
Bugs like moisture and water damage creates the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, beetles, fleas, ticks, spiders, and more. The hatching eggs and perishing bugs will draw more bugs into the region in addition to spread bacteria.

Water damage can be detrimental to your house, health, and wallet. Don’t hesitate in the sight of water and call us to prevent these difficulties.

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